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The one magic way

to improve your English vocabulary fast


Never been here! We specialize in vocabulary and bring you home the, New Kinaesthetic Method. Now you can learn English vocabulary through actions.


Now make your wish a reality!

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What our students say?

Your course is the best, bro. This method is one of the best methods to learn vocabulary effortlessly. It also helps me to retain words in my memory more than ever.

testi gaurav


Pursuing Honors in English

The style you teach all those words using actions is superb!! It is the first time in my life that I am learning this type of technique to improve my English Vocabulary, and I enjoyed it a lot. So thank you for sharing the method with us.

testi dipty

Dipty Nag

Poetess (Post graduate in Hindi), Linguist.

First of all, thank you for helping me overcome my difficulty in learning English Vocabulary. I was once bored and frustrated while learning English because of the old boring methods teachers usually used to teach English. But, your method helped me a lot. So once again, thanks for the method.

testi kavya


BA Economics Graduate

I've never thought that I could improve my English Vocabulary in such a way that is interesting and fun. While going through all the lessons, the most exciting part that I found interesting is how you break down words into simple actions so that it is easy to comprehend and memorize the exact meaning of that word. So thanks a lot.

testi sujitha


Competitive Exam Aspirant

Excellent, I request you to share more words along with two sentences. However, do not stop creating new videos on the same topic.

testi amar

Amarjit Pal Singh

IELTS Student

I'm feeling good listening to your classes and learning also over easy.

testi teja (1)

Revi Teja

IELTS Student

Good way of teaching, Nothing more to say.

testi saigal

Gurbakshish Singh Saigal

IELTS Aspirant

This made us special🍧


We are in the Top 1% of 94680 Courses

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What's possible for you?


You can build a strong vocabulary within a few months.

Because I built a word list of 3000 in 6 months using this method, so can you.


You don't need to spend hours learning words.

You can invest a little time and still learn the same amount of words you want to learn.

bye bye

You can avoid those old tiring and boring revision techniques.

You can calmly and interestingly revise the words with our unique revision techniques.


You can remember the words for your lifetime

Unique actions and revision techniques help your brain retain words longer.

get rid

You can get rid of the old techniques for good

You no longer need the old technique of just reading & trying to remember the words and their meanings.

(We bet you'll experience)

with Kinaesthetic Vocabulary

What Are The Side Effects?


Become a good reader

You can read books without the help of a dictionary.


Listen like a native

You can Watch your favourate English Movies, Shows or Videos (YouTube) effortlessly.


Better Writing & Speaking

Practice it and you can gain mastery over these two skills in less time.

How You Learn & Remember words?

#Step 1

learn s1

Learning words through unique actions.

When you learn new words using actions, your brain forms new connections.

But if you don't review them, you'll lose that connection and forget the words.

So that's our next step

#Step 2

revise s2

Revising the words through our special techniques

When you revise the words, you maintain that new connection, and remember them.

Our revision techniques are quick and fun to do, you can do it within minutes.

It only takes 5 ~ 10 Mins

#Step 3


Remembering and recalling the words & meanings

The moment you see a learned word, your brain connect the word with the action

When this happens, you instantly remember the meaning of the word. Why?

Because the actions are exactly or very closely related to the word meanings.

This whole process happens within seconds. Yes!, your brain can do that.

Recall time 2 ~ 5 Seconds

What are the Key features?

unique action

Unique Actions

The actions created for words are creative, more meaningful, & easy to learn.


Action Creation Process

There are 5 main steps

Every action is created like this, we do this to keep the actions simple.


90-100% Words Retention

Simple actions with some fun included in them will help your brain to remember more.

Our Premium Features


Feeling based learning

Long term memories are created when you feel really good or really bad.

"Well, We focus on the feeling good part."

audio lesson

Audio Lessons

Specially designed audio lessons for deep learning.


Word Exercises

We have a specially designed mental and physical excercise technique to do better revisions.

Subtitle feature will be available within a few days

Subtitle A


In three languages


Mini Stories

For better speaking

Ready for a ride?

Yes! We provide lifetime access to all our courses.

If you’re not satisfied with us, then why not? We offer a  7 Days “no-questions-asked” refund for all our courses.

Please read our Refund Policy.

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This will not cause any issues, just click on that particular icon or link again, and it will open easily.

Have any new question?

Any Queries?

Drop me a line!


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All in One

Value Pack!

Ask your questions here

We'll add those to FAQ.

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